Violin teacher in Hamburg

Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker

Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker has inherited his love for music and violin from his grandmother Elena Strazdaitė-Bekerienė – a violin virtuoso, who had studied under supervision of Leopold Auer, Georg Kulenkampff, Jan Mařák, Jindřich Feld and Jacques Thibaud. At the age of eleven, Martynas already performed with the Vilnius symphony orchestra.

He started his studies under supervision of professor Raimundas Katilius in Vilnius and graduated under supervision of Mark Lubotsky in Hamburg, where he passed his final exam with honors.

Today, Martynas teaches the violin in music schools and private sessions in Hamburg.

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While still studying in Lithuania and in Germany, Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker became a laureate of multiple national and international competitions – including being an awarded winner of the international Brahms competition in Hamburg.

In 1990, Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker started performing in concerts in Europe, Asia and the US. He held numerous solo performances in Berlin, Hamburg and Lithuania, intensively performed in concerts with the piano trio “Coloris“ that he founded, as well as with several chamber and symphony orchestras.

International concert activities of Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker started in Paris. He appeared on stage with Hans-Dieter Baum, Igor Uryash, Nikolai Lugansky, Detlef Kraus, Yuri Mazurkevich and more. The concerts in Laeisz Hall in Hamburg, “Schauspielhaus“ concert hall in Berlin, UNESCO headquarters in Paris and Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow broadened the professional horizons of the artist and inspired him to create music.

In collaboration with the Ambassador of Lithuania in UNESCO at the time, Ugnė Karvelis, Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker started pursuing diverse cultural activities, for which he was appointed an honorary attache of Lithuanian culture in 1997 and again in 2009.

In 2001, Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker established an international interdisciplinary platform „Alternative classical music festivals“. Under his supervision, the project ran until 2012.

In the last few years Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker has presented music and arts projects with world-class artists. The artist has accumulated his manifold pedagogical experience through holding lectures in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Hamburg School of Music and Theatre, the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Lisbon School of Music and Boston University.

Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker has been living in Hamburg since 2013. He teaches the art of violin mastery, gives violin lessons and provides private consultations for students and young professionals. He individually prepares them for national and international competitions, such as „Jugend musziert“ in DMW, contemporary music projects sponsored by the German Music Council and final violin specialty exams. He also prepares teachers of violin specialty and teachers of violin, as a secondary discipline and consults performers in orchestras.

In 2015, Martynas founded an interdisciplinary traveling arts academy „Alternative Academy of Arts“.

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