Martynas became acquainted with the basics of violin pedagogy as a young child in the professional music school of his grandmother Elena Strazdaitė-Bekerienė (violin virtuoso and pupil of Leopold AuerGeorg KulenkampffJan Mařák, J. Feld and Jacques Thibaud). Later, during his studies at the universities in Vilnius and Hamburg, he was selected by his professors Raimundas Katilius and Mark Lubotsky as a tutor for their violin classes. At the same time, he successfully prepared some of his private students for regional and national competitions.
Since 2003, during his first employment in Lithuania as a professor of violin (equivalent to the German W3), he began giving masterclasses at some of the famous music colleges in Europe, Asia and the USA, including: a. at the Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen, the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Lisbon) and Boston University.

The vast majority of his students work in leading symphonic and chamber orchestras in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Some are also active in solo and chamber music activities, others in educational.

Martynas now gives private lessons in Hamburg – inform yourself now and request a non-binding trial lesson!

Through his family background, multinational education, active concert work and many years of pedagogical practice, Martynas was able to study the methodology and subtleties of the Lithuanian, Russian, Czech, French and German violin schools of the last century. With the quintessence of experience, he has developed his own effective teaching methodology for the violin – for both soloist, chamber music and orchestra specifications.

Various workshops, seminars, master classes and international jury work have given Martynas the necessary overview and the analytical ability to discover talent as well as explicit specialization.

He was convinced that all people, regardless of age and mastery of the subject, should have access to the knowledge, the literacy and the teaching of the subject. Crucial is an honest, true and diligent pursuit of common goals. All of his students have the opportunity to present their learned progress twice a year as part of a performance.

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